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Meet the team that brings you your fish

Meet our fabulous team and learn a little bit about them and how they all play such a big role in this job and contribute to all our amazing products.

Learn what the teams favourite type of fish is and even learn their favourite ways to eat it is.

Dan Eastwood Crystal Waters 2022

Dan Eastwood

Owner and Director
Mandie Eastwood Crystal Waters

Mandie Eastwood

Accounts and Director
Harvey Eastwood Crystal Waters

Harvey Eastwood

Online Retail
Scott Humphreys Crystal Waters 2022

Scott Humphreys

Mark Dacey Crystal Waters 2022

Mark Dacey

Chief Curer
David McGinn Crystal Waters 2022

David McGinn

Chief Cook / Slicer

Ian Stucky

Transport Manager
Steven Wright Crystal Waters 2022

Steven Wright

Wholesale / Distribution
Hercules the Smoker


The Big One
Jacob the Little Smoker


The Little One